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Indiana University School of Medicine

2010 - 2011 House Staff Stipends and Benefits


Level   Annual   Monthly
PGY 1   $48,956   $4,079.67
PGY 2   $50,056   $4,171.33
PGY 3   $51,356   $4,279.67
PGY 4   $52,856   $4,404.67
PGY 5   $54,556   $4,546.33
PGY 6   $56,456   $4,704.67
PGY 7   $58,556   $4,879.67
PGY 8   $60,856   $5,071.33
PGY 9   $63,356   $5,279.67
PGY 10   $66,056   $5,504.67

Health Insurance
Health and dental insurance is provided to the house staff by the affiliated hospitals through the School of Medicine Office of Graduate Medical Education. Residents are responsible for any co-payments required by the plan at the time of service. The plan covers the house staff, children and spouse/domestic partner.

Life and Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Disability Insurance
This is provided at no cost to the house staff.

Malpractice Insurance
Members of the house staff are covered at no cost for professional liability in accordance with the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.

First and second year residents receive 15 weekdays each year.  Residents in their third year and beyond receive 21 weekdays each year.  In addition, residents are provided one week of educational leave.

Education Stipends
A generous educational allowance is provided to residents on an annual basis.  Funds may be used for conference related expenses (travel, lodging, fees), books and other education items.