Indiana University

Application Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does your program participate through ERAS?


2) What is the deadline to accept applications?


3) Does your program take International Medical Graduates?


4) What are the minimum score requirements for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2?

Pass on first attempt.

5) Is ECFMG certificate required for application?

Yes, unless pending for completion of Medical School.

6) Does your program sponsor H1 or J1 visas?

We sponsor J1 visas only.

7) Does your program require U.S. clinical experience?

Clinical experience in the United States is helpful; there is no minimum time requirement.

8) Does your program have fellowship opportunities?

Yes, there are three accredited fellowship program opportunities: Addiction Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and, Geriatric Psychiatry.

9) Does your program have a maximum number of years to complete the program?

The maximum amount of time allowed to complete the program is eight years if done half time.

10) What is the last day to provide the ECFMG certificate and Step 3 results to your program?

The ECFMG certificate is required prior to the deadline for match preferences. For in-state licensure, Indiana requires that Step 3 be completed within seven years of the date Step 1 is passed.

11) What is the graduation cutoff date?

Five (5) years post graduation.