Indiana University

PGY1 Rotation Information

Neurology Consults:  University Hospital

This is a two-month rotation that involves covering consults at IU Hospital from 8 am - 4 pm on Monday through Friday.   A typical day consists of morning rounds, composing progress notes and staffing patients with the neurology attending, Dr. Snook.  There is also a senior neurology resident on service who will inform you of new consults.  The team is made up of 2-3 residents (from neurology, psychiatry and occasionally internal medicine).  There will also be 2-3 medical students joining the team.  Psychiatry residents do not cover any call while on Neurology but are welcome to attend Neurology grand rounds on Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm at the Neuroscience Center. This is a great month to prepare for the neurology section of the PRITE exam!  


Emergency Medicine:  Eskenazi

EM rotation is four weeks long and will be at Eskenazi Hospital.  Residents will have a combination of day, evening, and overnight shifts, including several “obs” shifts (3-4), for covering high acuity/trauma cases.  Days off are scattered throughout the month.  The majority of shifts will be covering triage. Residents staff cases with attendings and continue to follow patients through disposition. At the end of the shift one can change over any patients to an oncoming resident, but do as much as possible to make sure they are taken care of before change over. Do not feel pressured to know what to do during complex cases, especially trauma cases! There is always staff and an upper level resident to help. 


Medicine: VA Inpatient Wards

Sign out occurs from night float by 7am. On M-F (when not on call, pre-call, or post-call days) hours are 7 am- 4:30 pm. At the end of the day, interns/residents sign out to the “on call” team. Night float comes in at 6pm for changeover (if still finishing up patient care). There is one day off per week that will be decided together amongst the team. Interns/residents get sign out from night float, look up labs and read about new admits from overnight, and then go see patients- prior to rounds. Most attendings prefer table rounds (sit down and discuss patients). Some do table rounds for follow-up patients and bedside rounds for the new patients. After rounds, put in consults, orders, write notes, and prepare sign out. Call is q5 for each team. The senior resident on the team (PGY 2 or 3) stays overnight and the interns are expected to leave by 9pm on call days.


Medicine:  Eskenazi Inpatient Wards

Sign out with night float is at 7am, then residents pre-round on patients, read overnight notes and review labs.  Rounds usually begin around 8:30am, many attendings prefer to table round, but some will walk and do teaching rounds.  Call is every fourth day and interns must be out of the building before 9pm on call days.  On the remaining days, sign out is at 4:30pm and interns are permitted to leave if all of their work is complete except pre-call days where the team can leave around noon if everything is done.  Morning report is 3 days a week and psychiatry residents are expected to attend.  Eskenazi has a night float system, but psychiatry residents do not float on the night float service. 

Psychiatry:  Larue Carter Adult Services

There are two units that residents rotate in at Larue; they are the largest units in the hospital, 29 and 27 beds for the two units. You will be assigned one unit for the entire two-month rotation. A typical day starts by 8am. You and the medical students check in with nursing staff for any immediate orders or acutely ill patients. Otherwise, pre-round on all the patients. Morning report starts at 9am with a full treatment team and table rounds on all patients. The rest of the day consists of interviewing specific patients depending on needs, attending group therapy with patients, helping the attending put in orders for medications or consultations with primary care, and teaching medical students. You are welcome and encouraged to attend groups on other units, and help attendings admit patients on their units, as admissions at Larue are not a daily occurrence. Your day ends around 5pm, unless you need to leave earlier for call at Eskenazi. When you are scheduled to be on call on a Friday at Eskenazi, you are also expected to cover Larue on Saturday and Sunday (once every 5-6 weeks). This consists of coming to the hospital both Saturday and Sunday to sign orders for patients who received a verbal order from the attending overnight. This takes roughly 30 minutes per day. Attendings cover orders during the week day