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The Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Internship Program is a collaborative program directed by the Department of Psychiatry of Indiana University School of Medicine which is the only medical school located in the State of Indiana. Training sites for the internship program include the Neuroscience Center (Goodman Hall), Indiana University Hospital and Clinics (IU Health Facility), Riley Hospital for Children (IU Health Facility), and Larue Carter Memorial Hospital (an Indiana University Affiliated Hospital). The various training sites provide interns with an unusual richness and variety of training experiences. All doctoral level psychologists involved in the training program at the Indiana University School of Medicine have faculty appointments in the Section of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry.

The Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Internship Program was established during the 1957-58 internship year and has been fully accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1958. Larue Carter Hospital established an internship program during the 1955-56 internship year and was fully accredited by the American Psychological Association in 1956. It remained accredited until 1979, when the Medical School and Larue Carter programs merged to form the initial components of the current internship program.

The first Director of Training at Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Internship Program was Eugene E. Levitt, Ph.D., ABPP (1957-70). There have been six subsequent Directors of Training: Aare Truumaa, Ph.D., ABPP (1970-75); Wm. George McAdoo, Ph.D. (1975-80); Elgan L. Baker, Ph.D. (1980-88); Richard J. Lawlor, J.D., Ph.D. (1987-97); Linn LaClave, Ph.D. (1997 to 2009); Timothy Lines, Ph.D. (2009-2013); and Ann Lagges, Ph.D. (2013-Present). Directors of Training at Larue Carter Hospital Psychology Training Program were Peter Lewinsohn, Ph.D., George Siskind, Ph.D., Arthur Sterne, Ph.D. and Robert Ten Eyck, Ph.D.

The Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Internship Program in Clinical Psychology is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association and is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Pre-doctoral Internship Centers (APPIC). Indiana University School of Medicine adheres to the APPIC Match Policies.

The predoctoral internship program adheres to the scientist-practitioner model and provides broad training in general clinical psychology with opportunities to pursue special interests in both adult and child populations. Six interns will be selected for the 2013-2014 academic year, three in positions with an open emphasis and three with a declared emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Applicants must be third or fourth year students in an APA accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology. For the 2013-2014 year, each intern receives a stipend of approximately $20,200. The exact amount of the stipend may vary from year to year (please check with the program for the exact amount).

Benefits include health insurance, life and disability insurance, as well as vision and dental insurance. This package of benefits, fully funded by the internship program, is worth over $9,000. Each intern is appointed to the House Staff of Indiana University School of Medicine and is entitled to 9 paid university holidays and 15 PTO Days (Paid Time Off) during the training year. Applicants accepted in the program are subject to certain eligibility requirements (e.g., background checks). The internship begins on September 1st. Completed applications are due November 1st.

APA Contact Information:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(T) 202-336-5979 (F) 202-336-5978