Meet our Residents

 stbrewer.jpgStanley Brewer, DO - PGY 5

Stanley attended medical school at A.T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona. Ready to get out of the Arizona heat, he completed his clinical rotations in Portland, OR. Having thoroughly explored the West, Stan and his family were ready to explore the Midwest where there are real seasons (not just hot and not just rainy). They were particularly drawn to the family friendly and active nature of Indianapolis. Stan is excited to be a part of IU’s well-rounded and well-established Triple Board program. During interviews, he was impressed with how much he liked the Triple Boards, pediatrics, and psychiatry residents at Indiana and he is very excited to work with all these groups and the amazing faculty here.

Stan completed his undergraduate work at Arizona State University earning a BS in psychology and Interdisciplinary Bachelors in Korean studies and religious studies. While certain in high school that he could never be a doctor, he decided to pursue a career in medicine while working as a respite provider for a community behavioral health agency. His interest in medicine blossomed and he decided to combine his passion for psychiatry, medicine and working with kids with a Triple Board residency. He is also interested in the intersection of psychiatry and medicine, the mind-body connection, and the psychological aspects of trauma and abuse. Outside of residency he enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and new dog exploring Indianapolis and the Midwest. He has also dabbled in vehicle restoration, and is an avid reader when he gets a chance.

clarkbrm.jpgBridget Clark, DO - PGY 5

We’re not in Kansas anymore! Bridget packed up her family and moved to Indianapolis to join the experts at IU as a resident of the Triple Board program. Bridget attended the University of Kansas, earning an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and attended medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biological Sciences.

Residency training in both pediatrics and psychiatry aligns with her ideology of medicine by focusing on treating the whole child, mind and body. She believes that assisting individuals to understand the biological and psychosocial dynamics of health, while providing treatment, leads to greater positive life outcomes for patients as well as their families.

The faculty, facilities and range of training experiences were of great importance to Bridget as she considered where to complete her residency. At IU she found a great combination of all three aspects. Of equal importance was ensuring a high quality of life outside of work; Indianapolis offered many opportunities to enjoy the arts, the outdoors and some awesome microbreweries.

Bridget and her partner welcomed their first child at the end of 2012. Aside from making that sweet baby laugh, Bridget enjoys attending the theater, cooking, hiking, biking, and watching reruns of Emergency on Netflix.


Sophie Gerber, MD - PGY 4

 Sophie is originally from Germany and moved to Indiana at a young age. She finished her undergraduate degree at Purdue University and medical school training at Indiana
 University School of Medicine, but will always be a Boilermaker at heart. Sophie realized
 in medical school that she has a passion for treating both physical and mental problems.
 She believes the two are crucially linked and one cannot be properly treated without fully
 understanding and addressing the other. Ideally she would like to link this passion with
 her other main passion in life: learning about other peoples and cultures both in the U.S. and all around the world. Sophie has done extensive traveling to multiple areas of the world including Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and multiple countries in Europe. Both during her undergraduate and professional career she has been involved in several medical trips. She went to Swaziland to learn about HIV/AIDS transmission and its effects on the local people, to the slums of Costa Rica to teach children about the dangers of drug use, to India to bring medical care to remote regions in the Himalayas both to the local people and Tibetan refugees, to Ecuador to learn about the needs of a local hospital system and to Germany to see how both pediatrics and psychiatry are practiced in a different developed nation. Sophie is particularly interested in the Kenya program and plans to spend 2 months studying the needs of both the psychiatric and pediatric populations at Moi University. In her future career, she would like to get involved in public health on an international level and advocate for the development of both under-addressed pediatric and psychiatric needs ideally focusing in on a specific health issue. Issues that have crossed her mind include the childhood obesity epidemic, HIV/AIDS and PTSD.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys cycling, figure skating, cooking, painting, drawing and hanging out with friends and family.


Kristen Schroeder, MD - PGY 4

While Indiana has been home base for Kristen, she has spent a large portion of her life elsewhere. She has lived and studied in Boston, England, St. Louis, and Italy in addition to personal travels and mission trips to multiple other countries. With her last two years of medical school in Indy and residency combined, these seven years will be the longest she has ever lived in one location since early childhood. Her experiences abroad have ranged from helping to establish healthcare access to remote mountain villages in Honduras, to supplying aeronautical customer service to European countries in her short stint working with Rolls-Royce, to being a member and serving in the Royal Navy and competing in high power target rifle shooting for the Royal Army in England. It was in her time spent abroad that she developed a greater appreciation for unique approaches to healthcare, politics, cross-cultural interactions, and a passion for traveling and experiencing new places and people. She completed her undergraduate degree at St. Louis University and returned to Indiana for medical school.

While she always had a love for children, she had never considered pediatrics until her inpatient peds rotation at Riley where she realized she could not go a day without working with kids.  Having completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, psychiatry was always an underlying interest of hers. She discovered a passion for learning about the huge impact mental health has on a person's overall physical well being and its influence on ones approach and perception of their surroundings especially children with their whole life to live. Similar to how she developed an avid interest in other cultures to better understand our world, she was excited to find the Triple Board program for the holystic approach to treating the whole child. Kristen wanted to pursue training in a field that would ensure confidence in managing the mental health, physical health, and the interaction between the two as they are often deeply intertwined.

She was impressed with IU's comprehensive program with the various and diverse opportunities in training that it could provide while matching her interests and learning style. Once she has completed her training, her future interests include combining practicing pediatrics and psychiatry in an inpatient setting, in trauma and abuse cases, and advocating healthcare policy. Always the adventurer, she loves travelling and outdoor sports so any time outside of residency she tries to finagle her friends and family to spend quality time pursuing either of those passions.

KhanFaisal003_copy.JPG   Faisal Khan, MD - PGY 3

  Faisal was borna nd raised in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Davis (UCD) earning a Bahcelors of  Science in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior.  During his time at UCD he was a part of the  Davis Honors Challenge and was able to inculcate his passion for medicine early on by working  at Clinica Tepati, a student run clinic in Sacramento, CA.

After graduation he left the golden state for medical school at St. George's University. As a part of the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program, Faisal spent his first year at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. This program was comprised of students seeking opportunities to serve underserved populations, practice global medicine, and gain an insight into cross cultural medical practices. During medical school, Faisal also spent a summer in Thailand where he was able to learn more about eastern medicine. After a year in Grenada, Faisal completed his clinical rotations in Danbury, CT and New York City, NY. He really enjoyed both his pediatrics and psychiatry rotations and discovered that a triple board residency was exactly what he wanted to do - medical training that would allow him to combine clinical medicine and mental health and develop an understanding of the mind-body connection allowing him to treat the “whole patient.” Faisal is very happy to be a part of the IU triple board residency family! He is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of a large academic and  research institution and looking forward to the global health and research opportunities that IU has to offer!

Aside from all of the above, Faisal loves to travel, eat food, and spend time with his wife, family, and friends. When he has spare time he enjoys playing/watching basketball, Bhangra, being outdoors and sometimes just hanging out at home watching a movie.

OuyangJessica002_copy.JPG  Jessica Ouyang, MD - PGY 3

Jessica moved to Indianapolis from St. Louis, where she attended high school and medical school at SLU. Her interest in pediatrics developed at a young age with credits due to her 4 younger siblings who are now dashing teenagers. During medical school, she also found a niche in psychiatry and was unsure which career path to take but luckily was introduced to Triple Board. Like many of the other TBers, she also believed that training in both would help her provide the best care for patients. Indiana’s robust programs in all three disciplines made this program extremely appealing and she couldn’t be more thrilled to be here to be trained by our amazing faculty!

Jessica studied bioengineering at UC Berkeley for undergraduate and has lived in other places like Southern California, Memphis Tennessee, and China in addition to St. Louis. While at St. Louis, she became interested in the childhood obesity epidemic and developed a holistic curriculum for underserved middle school children on leading a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, hygiene, basic first aid and dental care. Her current interests include (surprise) childhood obesity, infant mental health, mental health in the primary care setting, psychotherapy, and academic medicine and teaching. She is also interested in the developmental pediatrics presence in China through IU and hopes to participate in this program.

Outside of residency, she enjoys watching food documentaries, listening to podcasts in the car, helping out with her church’s children’s ministry, Blogilates, visiting her adorable niece and nephew in St. Louis, and keeping in contact with friends and family from all over the world. ?

AzizA.jpg  Amna Aziz, MD - PGY 2

Amna is originally from Wisconsin and is happy to get back to her Midwestern roots after a brief hiatus in Texas. She completed her undergraduate studies at Stanford University in Anthropological Sciences and Human Biology, and medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences. In between undergrad and medical school, she served in AmeriCorps for two years in Milwaukee at both a community health center in a predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood and a non-profit for families in the Special Education system. It was this experience that originally sparked her interest in child psychiatry, which then developed into a passion for Triple Board during her pediatric clerkship in medical school. She is interested in the intersection between psychiatry and primary care in pediatrics, and in the integration of child psychiatry into the medical home model, in particular in the foster care population. In her free time, Amna enjoys exploring Indianapolis, yoga, watching college football, and spending time with friends and family.

dionisio_copy.jpg   Corissa Dionisio, MD - PGY 2

  Hailing from the Windy City, Cori has stayed relatively close to home for her education, though her travels have taken her around the world. She graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management (concentration in International Business) with a minor in Chemistry. She took a gap year to embark on a solo  around-the-world trip, which took her from climbing volcanoes in Chile to watching the sunrise on the Great Wall. She then returned to her roots in Chicago to Rush University Medical College.

During medical school, Cori dedicated her time to service, specifically completing a one year service with the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. During her fellowship, she developed a life skills program at Family Rescue Inc, a program on the South Side of Chicago that offers comprehensive support services and shelter to survivors of domestic violence. Her program included health fairs, fitness groups, healthy eating sessions, and career workshops to promote the health and well-being of residents at the shelter. She hopes to continue working with trauma survivors during her triple board career, specifically as a bridge between physical and mental health within child protection. She also is an advocate for LGBTQI health and loves using her Spanish to serve the large Indianapolis Hispanic population.

Cori is an adventure enthusiast and poi spinner and will seek out live music any chance she gets. She will also claim Giordano’s as the only true deep dish pizza.

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