Eric Scott, Ph.D.

Eric L. Scott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry


Personal Statement  I am a Pediatric Psychologist with clinical, teaching and research interests focused on effectively treating anxiety disorders and chronic pain in children and adolescents. My goals include providing exceptional clinical care informed by empirical evidence striving to alleviate pain and resulting anxiety and distress it can cause. I thoroughly enjoy teaching students and training residents in the use of these effective treatments for anxiety and chronic pain as a way of contributing to the field of pediatric psychology.
Education  Undergraduate: Trinity Christian College

Graduate School: Bowling Green State University

Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine

Board Certifications/Certifications:
Health Services Provider of Psychology
Current Academic Interests  Teaching: I enjoy teaching psychology practicum students, psychology pre-doctoral interns and psychiatry residents techniques for the treatment of anxiety and chronic pain in children and adolescents.

Clinical: Treatment of anxiety using empirically supported treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy methods. Use of cognitive behavioral therapy combined with biofeedback and hypnosis to treat chronic pain in children and adolescents

Research: Cognitive assessment of children and adolescents with liver diseases; parental depression associated with the challenges of raising children with mental health concerns; effectiveness of treatment of pain in children and adolescents
Recent Publications 

Landsberger, S.A., Scott, E.L., Hulvershorn, L.A., Chapleau, K.M., Diaz, D.R., & McDougle, C.J. (2013). Mentorship of Clinical-Track Junior Faculty:  Impact of a Facilitated Peer-Mentoring Program to Promote Scholarly Productivity, Academic Psychiatry, 37:4, 288-289.

Scott, E. L., Strasser, J. & Zeanah, C. H. (2014). Reactive Attachment Disorder and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder in “Psychiatry, 4th Edition edited by Allan Tasman, Jeffrey Lieberman, Jerry Kay, Michael First and Michelle Riba (Eds.).

Gerkensmeyer, J., Perkins, S., Oruche, U., Scott, E. L. (2013). Problem-Solving Intervention for Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Problems, Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 27:112–120

Gerkensmeyer, J.E., Perkins, S.M., Scott, E., & Wu, J. (2008). Depressive symptoms among primary caregivers of children with mental health needs: Mediating and moderating variables. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, Volume 22(3), 135-146.

Scott, E. L., Walsh, K. H. & McDoulgle, C. J. (2008). Treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome. Psychopharm Review, 43 (5).

Walsh, K. H., Scott, E. L. & McDougle, C. J. (2008). The use of antipsychotics in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Psychopharm Review, 43 (4).

Eric Scott, Ph.D.

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