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Steven Herman, Ph.D.

Steven M. Herman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry


Personal Statement  My main foci are Multimodal Therapy and Post-traumatic Stress Disorders. Through the study of and training of others in Multimodal Therapy, I endeavor to help better match appropriate treatments for specific individuals with specific issues at specific times of their lives, using the BASIC ID paradigm. Although much of my time is currently devoted to administrative issues, I still enjoy devoting a considerable amount of my time to training the next generation of psychologists and psychiatrists.
Education  Undergraduate: University of Maryland

Graduate School: Rutgers University

Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine
Current Academic Interests  Clinical: Marital therapy, Mental Health Administration

Research: PTSD, Multimodal therapy (diagnosis and treatment), adult ADHD (diagnosis), couples/marital therapy
Recent Publications  Herman, S. M. (2007). Stresses related to aging can be a form of PTSD. The Hoosier Legionnaire, Vol. AA, #1 (April), 7.

Herman, S. M. (2007). Memory loss not normal part of the aging process. The Hoosier Legionnaire, Vol. Z, #15 (January/February), 6.

Herman, S. M. (2006). Education, honesty overcome drug problems among elderly. The Hoosier Legionnaire, Vol. Z, #14 (September/October), 6-7.
Steven Herman, Ph.D.

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