To schedule appointments:

Outlying campus students/residents/fellows may do one of the following:

-book in person or telephone sessions with Dr. Kunkle at the Indianapolis campus


-or schedule an appt. with the designated providers in your area through this link:


-or go directly to your insurance provider webpage and search for behavioral health providers   

To schedule appointments with Dr. Suzanne Kunkle

1. Use IU Global Address List. Meetings are scheduled with Dr. Kunkle similarly to any IU Active Directory person. 

2. Select Calendar in Outlook; then Actions; New Meeting Request; Scheduling Assistant 

3. On left side: attendees: Type in Suzanne Kunkle. At the bottom adjust date and time;
Scroll the tab across the page to look for time slots that are open.

4. On right side are suggested appointment times.

5. Select a mutually available time and date. The meeting appears on both your Outlook calendar and Dr. Kunkle's.
It will either be accepted or
declined and another time provided if there is a conflict.

             New Clients: Schedule 2 hours for ALL first sessions.
             Returning Clients: Schedule 1 hour unless otherwise desired.
             Couples: Always block 2 hours.

6. Include your phone number & email on the appointment calendar in case we need to contact you
    for any reason.

7. Check Private: The appointment is visible only to you and Counseling Services & Wellness.

        8. Send 

Next Open links for Downloads, print & complete forms listed below. Bring to your appointment. Paperwork takes, on average, 30-40 minutes to complete.





4. VIDEO  CONSENT is optional. However, it is an invaluable tool for review to enhance your learning and progress.

Couples: Both individuals need to complete above paperwork.

Outlying campus students/residents/fellow: Either fax or scan and send via email, whichever makes you most comfortable.

Walking/Driving Directions: Open link for Directions & Parking

Review or print directions to office.


Cancellation policy:

Please provide 24 hour notice and delete your scheduled appointment from Dr. Kunkle's calendar.

•a.        To cancel: return to Suzanne Kunkle's calendar as described above, select date & time of your appointment.

•b.        Select cancel meeting and you will be removed from the schedule.

Rescheduling: follow step 1.  

To schedule by phone or experiencing difficulties: call the office (278-4750) or email

 For appointments: be prepared to identify (or leave on voicemail) several available times/dates, phone and email address. You will receive an email or phone call asap. 

For additional instructions on HOW to schedule meetings:

Outlook 2003 and earlier to schedule appointments

Outlook 2007 to schedule appointments

Outlook Web Access or Entourage to schedule appointments


For additional information about Counseling Services & Wellness please visit our web site at:

If you have questions call: 278-4750. 

Kind regards,


Department of Psychiatry | 355 W. 16th St., Suite 4800 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 963-7288 | Fax: (317) 963-7313