PARC - Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis


The Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC) at Eskenazi Health serves Indiana as a center for innovative treatment, groundbreaking research, and educational excellence in the treatment of individuals experiencing the early stages of psychotic illnesses.


PARC focuses on treatment, education, and research. 

  • Treatment - PARC utilizes client-focused treatment methods to help individuals develop and maintain strong relationships in order to support their recovery and prevent relapse. Multiple treatment approaches are offered including medication management, psychotherapy, case management, counseling,education, and crisis intervention. 
  • Education - PARC is dedicated to educating not only patients, but also their families and the greater community. PARC believes in the importance of communication to better the understanding of psychotic disorders, so we work with community-based professionals and healthcare providers to ensure that the best treatment is always available. Addtionally, we strive to educate those beyond the mental health field by conducting presentations about the signs and symptoms of psychotic disorders to the greater community.
  • Research - There is still so much more to learn about psychotic disorders. PARC is invested in answering research questions that will advance the understanding of these illnesses and develop new and improved treatments.

If left untreated, psychotic disorders can develop into a serious and life-long illness. Individuals may experience life-disrupting symptoms leading to hospitalizations, social isolation, substance abuse, and in some cases suicide. Fortunately, research shows that early intervention can increase the chances of avoiding these negative outcomes. PARC is dedicated to early detection through comprehensive clinical assessments and intensive treatments to help individuals achieve their goals. 


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PARC offers five different group activities for our clients to enjoy!

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Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis
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