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Indiana University Psychotic Disorders Clinic

The research program at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital is dedicated to improving psychiatric treatment through the investigation of new and existing treatments for a variety of mental illnesses.  Our primary goal is the continual improvement of treatment for persons with mental illness through ongoing evaluation of novel therapies and therapeutic approaches in programmatic studies that evaluate the safety, tolerability, efficacy and feasibility of such treatments. We strive for this goal daily through a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment studies, neurophysiologic and neuropsychological studies, and investigations of novel clinical techniques. 

The second element of working toward continual treatment improvement involves achieving excellence in several domains including diagnosis, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic symptom management, and attainment of the least restrictive treatment environment possible.  The assessment, treatment and management of research patients is rigorously documented and followed through the course of study participation to ensure compliance with this goal.   

The final element of this goal is through the training of students. It is our belief that it is essential that students from diverse fields of study have the opportunity to learn in an environment like that provided by the research unit.  To that end, we maintain a training focus that involves students from all relevant disciplines and levels of training.  The research program at Larue Carter offers advanced training for medical students, psychiatric residents, fellows and psychologists.

Visit the Research/Clinical Trials page to learn more about the Psychotic Disorders Clinic or call the study line at 317-274-0474.

To Contact the Psychotic Disorders Clinic:

Psychotic Disorders Clinic
Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital
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Indianapolis, IN. 46222
Phone - (317) 941-4287
Fax - (317) 941-4487
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