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The Psychotic Disorders Program offers many educational opportunities through the Indiana University School of Medicine, including the Psychiatry Residency Program, a Psychopharmacology Research Fellowship, and Clinical Investigation and Translational Education (CITE) program. Please read more about each educational program below!

Department of Psychiatry Summer Interns 2011


Psychiatry Residency Program

 There are multiple opportunities for participation in the PDP as a general resident in the department of psychiatry. As a PGY-I, residents may be able to complete a 3-month inpatient assignment on the research unit of Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, where in addition to their clinical responsibilities on the inpatient unit, residents may have the opportunity to participate in ongoing clinical trials. Starting in the PGY-II year, residents on the academic track may devote one half-day per week to research with the program. As a PGY-IV, residents may participate in research and clinical electives with the program.

Indiana University School of Medicine-Eli Lilly and Company Psychopharmacology Research Fellowship
The Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry in partnership with Eli Lilly and Company is offering a one- to two-year non-accredited research fellowship in adult and/or child psychopharmacology. Candidates must have completed at least their PGY-III year to be eligible. Fellows who choose to complete the fellowship with the PDP will work with a mentor from the PDP and with a mentor from Lilly with a diagnostic theme of psychosis and the research approach of clinical trials. Fellows will spend at least 50% of their time at IU in outpatient, inpatient or laboratory research settings, and the remainder at the Lilly Corporate Research Facilities, located less than two miles away. The fellow will become proficient in state-of-the-art diagnostic/therapeutic approaches and research techniques.

Clinical Investigation and Translational Education (CITE)
Indiana University has received funding from the National Institute of Health through a K-30 grant to develop and implement the Clinical Investigation and Translational Education (CITE) program. The purpose of this program is to prepare health care professionals for a career in clinical research. Following completion of the program, graduates can embark on a career in clinical research with the skills necessary to successfully compete for grant funding, conduct and analyze research findings, and publish their work in scientific journals. By participating in the program, CITE trainees will complete a two-year formal clinical research curriculum, at the end of which they will receive a Master of Science in Clinical Research degree. Completing the CITE program in the PDP will prepare trainees for the unique techniques and challenges of research into psychotic disorders. The program is designed for participants that already have or are in training for a doctoral degree (e.g., MD, PhD, DNS, DDS, DPT).

Current Interns


Kami Walters


Kami graduated from Mount Vernon High School in Mount Vernon, Indiana in 2012. Kami will be starting her second year of undergraduate studies at IUPUI this fall. She is pursuing a bachelors degree in neuroscience, with a minor in biology. Kami is interested in a broad range of mental health topics including both clinical research and treatment of psychotic disorders. After graduating from IUPUI, Kami hopes to enroll in an M.D. program and pursue a career in medicine. 
Angie_Wallen_1.JPG Angie Wallen

Angie will be starting her senior year at IUPUI in the fall.  She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in chemistry.  Angie works as a research assistant for the ACT Center of Indiana on IUPUI’s campus.  She is interested in severe mental illness, psychiatric rehabilitation, and brain imaging techniques.  Angie plans to attend medical school after completing her undergraduate studies and would like to be a psychiatrist.


Taylor Duncan-Presson

LHSI Intern


Taylor is a senior at IUPUI earning a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She hopes to become a psychiatrist splitting her time between clinical and research. She is a member of the national honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.

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