Indiana University

Current Residents

Venkat Polavarapu

Interests:  Addiction and Emergency Psychiatry, Football, Basketball, Movies, and University of Michigan Football

Niclaire Neely

Interests: Outside of work: Sailing, Running, Music, and Travel. Work related: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Developmental disabilities across the lifespan of Medicine



Jess Levy

Interests: College Mental Health, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, ADHD, Traveling, and Scrabble


Matthew Runyan - PGY-3

Interests:  Addictions, Exercise, Weightlifting, Movies, Books, University of Michigan football, and FOOD.

I am very pleased to be working at PARC, and particularly enjoy this patient population.  My interests are primarily inpatient settings with high acuity which has strong carryover to this clinic.  I am participating in multiple research projects in the clinic as well, and currently have an active interest in studying the association between violence and psychosis.  I enjoy working with the staff and physicians at PARC, and am getting significant exposure to different research and educational styles.  However, the single greatest reason that I appreciate PARC is the patients, as they have so much to teach me about their disease, daily lives, and my interactions with them. 

 Matthew Pitcher

Interests:  Child Psychiatry, Underserved medicine, Watching and playing sports, Cooking, and Spending time with my family.

Stephanie Price

Interests:  Child/Adolescent and Forensic Psychiatry, Women's mental health, Tennis, Working-out, and Learning Spanish


Kristen Dauss

Interests: Arts & crafts, Traveling, Exercising, Relaxing with friends and Pampering myself

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